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I know I am late with this post but I am pretty sure you are aware that Queens are born in July! It’s that time of the year where I get to make a wish with fireworks. Yes, I have passed the stage of blowing candles. The question is, do we have to blow candles to make our dreams come true? I have learnt a lot during the past years and as I am a year older now, I would like to share them with you.

Life becomes all you want it to. Trust me! Your dreams keeps getting bigger and you worry less about trivial issues. You never have to carry more than you hold. Your circle becomes very small, you stop seeking validation from people and you begin to love yourself like never before. Because loving yourself is the greatest revolution.

Sometimes the right path we take isn’t the easiest one but that’s the beauty of the journey we make in life. And while you are out there getting where you want to be or chasing your dreams, always let God order your steps and put Him first.

What have you learnt these past years? Share your story with me on my instagram page or facebook. Click on the link below. To my style enthusiasts, get inspired, create your style and be unique.


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