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Tradition, they say, goes on! It’s time to try something different, something that speaks African and depicts our rich African culture. Hence, KENTE! Let me take you down the memory lane and tell you a brief story behind the Kente cloth.

Kente originated with the Ashanti people of Ghana in a village called Bonwire  about 375 years ago. Well, history tells us that two brothers named Kuguru and Ameyaw who were from the village went hunting one afternoon and came across a spider spinning a web. Startled by the beauty of the web,  they decided to create something like it. The first Kente cloth these two brothers tried weaving was made out of black and white fibers from a raffia tree. Bonwire is still the most famous centre for kente cloth weaving.  How interesting!

Kente has always been a material for the royals and rich in the Ghanaian society . It also represents Ghana’s cultural heritage around the world. I am intrigued by the pattern as well as its bold and vibrant colors which portrays effortless sophistication. This off-the-shoulder pencil dress is a flattering piece. Made with a kente material, it exudes class and elegance. It is perfect for the wedding guest, day time events and also for church.

Accessories define you. But with this bold, colorful and vibrant Kente material, you would not want to over accessorize. With this flattering piece, you don’t need a necklace. Let your collarbone and melanin/light skin do the talking. I made a statement with dropping earrings. For more sophistication, I chose a metallic clutch that compliments the dress. To complete this look, I paired it with a velvet ankle strap sandal heels.

You can see that every accessory and color complement each other. Do you know the colors in the kente material have its meaning? I will save that for later. This elegant and sophisticated off-the-shoulder pencil dress made with KENTE makes me remember where my roots run deep (Africa)! Yes, tradition goes on! To the style enthusiasts and fashionistas; get INSPIRED, create your STYLE and be UNIQUE!

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