Imagine you go to a particular bar every morning and always order for coffee or cappuccino with croissant for breakfast. It’s obvious that the bar tender will get to know exactly what you want immediately you walk into the bar. This is because he/she becomes aware of your choices and that becomes your “signature”.

It’s important to know your choice of style.This includes the types of heels/sneakers you prefer,whether you like bright or neutral colors, chunky earrings or simple accessories. I’m pretty sure there a lots of style you like but which of them reflects your personality and looks perfect on you? Trust your instincts and wear what makes you feel flawless and the best version of yourself. Style is something each of us already has. All we need is to find it. I am going to share with you how to develop a personal style in the next post. As Anna Wintour said ” create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others.

In this post, i wore a black and white polka dots dress and i threw a blazer over my shoulders. I usually wear my jackets this way because it’s very chic. Since black and white are monochromatic colors, they can be paired with any other color without destroying its cohesion. I combined it with a pair of burnt orange block heel and oh, with black socks to add some flair to this look! It’s autumn as well! This time, i opted for bold accessories. I am obsessed with African accessories. You can see i mixed prints (accessories +dress) but i made sure i kept the colors next to each other.

To the fashion enthusiasts, what’s your signature? Get inspired, create your style and be unique!




Outfit details: dress (Miss Miss by Valentina), Shoes (Even & Odd) , Necklace (ysdazzle accessories) , bracelet (Made in Ghana), blazer (Valentina Clothing).