To me, the lake is art, sexy, fun and a place of relaxation. Of course it’s sexy! What’s more sexier than the sun kissing our dark skin when its wet? It makes our dark skin glow to perfection and you can’t help it but feel like a diva!IMG_6030

Breathtaking, amazing, beautiful! These are the words that came in mind as i sat down to admire this wonderful masterpiece art of work. A stunning city with the mountains on one side and the lake on the other side; what else can I ask for?  The scenic beauty of this place is hard to capture by the camera. However, it makes me remember where my roots run deep (Africa).IMG_6027

As adventurous as I can be, I also love serenity. What I find irresistible about this lake is its serene environment. It’s a place for relaxation for me whenever I need a break from work and everything.  I’m always content to unwind at the lake in elegance. There’s nothing like feeling sexy in a one-piece swimsuit and a kimono thrown over it. I added a boaters hat, sunglasses and cute accessories for that glamorous look.

IMG_6006It’s true when they say “time really fly when you are having fun”. But I couldn’t leave until I watched the sunset. And as the sun went down between the mountains surrounded by  this spectacular lake,  I couldn’t think of nothing else but kept on admiring  this beautiful art work called NATURE. It was a perfect end to an incredible day. I can’t wait to share my next escapade with you!

Outfit details: boaters hat (Stradivarius), Kimono (Boohoo), swimsuit (Intimix), Sun glasses (Marc Jacobs).

Location: Riva del Garda (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy)