I’m a year older but forever young. LOL! I have certainly grown past blowing out candles. I now make wishes with  fireworks. It’s  been quite a journey and I would love to share a few words with you.

We have heard this phrase “love  yourself” uttered frequently, however do we genuinely let these wordsIMG_5701 sink in and take action or are we too busy wrapping ourselves with insecurities? Most women are undoubtedly affected by these negative comments without realising it which results in low self-esteem and self hate. We can put all those broken pieces together and fix that. It begins with small changes every day. Let’s take a step at a time. Challenge yourself to make a positive change in your life.  You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself and how do you expect anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself? Neither can you  do anything with content if you have a low self-esteem. You have to learn to love yourself first and everything will magically fall into line perfectly.

Ladies, it’s time to recognize and awaken the goddess in you. Look into the mirror every morning and tell yourself with a smile “hello gorgeous, you are very special!”. It shouldn’t be hard to tell yourself these things. Stop spending too much time inhaling these negative comments from people. . Let the questions you ask yourself when you are stare into the mirror such as “am I beautiful, does natural hair look good on me, is my skin to dark?…” become statements like “I am beautiful, my skin is flawless, my kinky hair is gorgeous!…”

Remember you are a queen. Don’t remove jewels from your crown to make it easier for someone to carry. Let’s not forget our unique features;IMG_5716

 ✓       Dark skin

         ✓      big nose

         ✓      thick lips

         ✓      freckles

         ✓      nappy hair

         ✓      squint eyes

         ✓      plus size

         ✓      skinny

These features are what makes us who we are and beautiful. Learn to love yourself because you are BEAUTIFUL and BEAUTIFUL is you. #loveyourself